Schools looking forward to a new year

  • Sep. 11, 2009 5:00 a.m.

by Heather Ramsay-An upcoming trip to Rediscovery for parents and students is the big excitement at Chief Matthews Elementary in the new school year. Principal Leslie Bellis says they took students out there two summers ago and it was a big hit, so they are looking forward to doing it again at the end of this school year. To prepare, students will be working hard so they can make the trip an immersion program. Ms Bellis says they are also offering once-a-week Haida language sessions to parents and staff so they will be prepared too. She said the school has a new custodian, Darlene Bates, and all the same teaching staff as last year. As well, Colleen Williams and Joanne Collison will continue the singing, drumming and dancing program. The school is looking forward to another event coming up a lot sooner than the trip to Rediscovery. Ms Bellis says the school picnic on Sept. 18 will include a Terry Fox walk and a sports day. She also hopes drivers will slow down when they see students on the highway later on in September. She says as soon as the cranberries are ready, a group of students and staff will head out with their buckets to pick berries. At Tahayghen Elementary in Masset two teachers who had been on leave will be back to share a grade 3-4 class – Laura Holmes-Saltzman and Peter Reynolds. Principal Cheryl MacKenzie says she’s excited about the ‘smart boards’ being installed and the new math groups this year. She says teachers will be grouping grade 4-7 students at their individual levels to help increase everyone’s scores. She is also planning on doing some exchanging of teacher expertise throughout the different grades. For example some teachers have more knowledge about technology and others have better French. She’s hoping to do some class exchanges. “We’re excited about using different teachers’ strengths and sharing that expertise throughout the school.”