Security specialist offers advice

  • Sep. 19, 2008 11:00 a.m.

People tend to feel their home is their castle and that no one would dare break in, RCMP told islanders at a recent meeting. Auxiliary Constable Bill Keating from Prince Rupert made a presentation on home security in Masset on Aug. 1 at the Howard Phillips Hall, but not many people came. “People are lackadaisical until someone breaks in,” he said. “You can lose TV, VCR or toaster, anything like that can be replaced,” he said. But what can’t be restored is the sense of security a person has about their home. His job is crime prevention related and he helps people ensure their home is secure. Some of the tips he presented at the meeting include: ensuring one has a solid core front door with a dead bolt; installing lockable windows; and keeping all tools or ladders that could be used to break into a home locked up. Basement windows covered by shrubbery offer a hiding spot for criminals but motion sensing lights in the yard can be a deterrent. He says that many break-ins are perpetrated by people who know the homeowners. “If someone wants to break in and get something, they will, no matter what, if they really want it,” he said. But most break and enters are carried out by people who want money for drugs and alcohol. Const. Keating said never to confront a person who is breaking into your home. “These people are usually desperate. They risked breaking into your home and will do whatever it takes to get away,” he says. “Leave the police to deal with the person. That’ s their job.”