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Seeking ideas for next year's All Islands Art Show

Submitted by Lexi Forbes-Just a quick letter, to let you all know what is planned for the All Islands Art Show 2011! I would like to introduce myself, Lexi Forbes, as the art co-ordinator for the 2011 show. I would also like to invite suggestions and input for the show. In particular, what media/concepts would people be interested in exploring for the workshop?In response to participant preference, there will be no theme this year. However, I would like to encourage participants to remain within the parameters of any influence from Haida Gwaii. Any form of local influence is acceptable.Furthermore, due to cutbacks in financial support, I would like to propose the idea of an art fundraiser. The All Islands Art Show has been a significant contribution and support to local artists for many years, and we would like to continue in that manner. Therefore, the Arts Council welcomes and greatly appreciates art piece donations made by local artists, towards a fundraiser event in early December. The money raised will contribute to the All Islands Art Show. This art fundraiser may also give local artists a chance to sell a percentage of their work and support the art show, concurrently.So, I am hoping everyone is getting inspired and excited for another great show. There will be more information to come, about visiting artists, workshops, talks, adjudication, etc. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns or donations at or at 559-4454. I would appreciate any help in directing me towards fulfilling your preferences for the show! Howa'a and Thank you, to vibrant and creative island communities.

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