Seniors delighted with day of fun and games

  • Mar. 5, 2007 7:00 a.m.

Submitted by Pearle Pearson, Dolores Davis, Nellie Cross, Mavis Mark and Fran Fowler-From the first day of our organizational meeting for the all-islands seniors games, held Feb. 24, right through to the final wrap-up meeting, we had. I haven’t heard of a person who was there who didn’t have fun, so our goal was met. About 120 people attended the all-day event in Skidegate.
We had one completely off-site event, table shuffle board, which was hosted by and at Skidegate’s Adult Day Program. Special thanks to Carol Young for her willingness to take this one on. The second event sort of off and on site was the scavenger hunt, Verona Gladstone and Gladys Vandal came up with a terrific list of things to be found, fortunately you only had one hour to do it – and several enthusiasts did do it.
Bev Collinson, put many of us through our paces in the quiet basketball event: long shots and short shots, all with the quiet fuzzy ball. Bocce, built and run by George and Donnette Farrell, was great as usual, I think they had the greatest age range playing – from 3 to around 83, I’d guess.
Beside bocce was the very popular carpet bowling. Sandspit’s Tom and Pat Bowler (who else, with that name!) to bring it over and Erwin and Myiako to run it, all day. This event probably had the most players participating!
Cribbage, organized by the Bowlers, had people playing all over the hall. I met one lady who had lost five straight games but then she moved to scrabble where she played a 400+ game!
Nellie Cross, the organizer there, took on all comers and there were some very serious games. Just like the Olympics we had one demonstration sport, crokinole. Everyone I passed said they hadn’t played it in decades! Suduko had folks in deep concentration all over the hall, there certainly were some new converts to that game.
Skidegate’s Doxinay, organized by Bea Harley, was a laugh, and enjoyed by all. Then the baking contest: tasty, beautiful desserts came pouring in and were voted on then gobbled up.
Our appreciation goes to Master of Ceremonies Gary Russ, who did such a fine job and was so smooth, thanks to Eddie and the PA system. Chief Dempsey’s kind welcome really got the day off to a fine start and held the wonderful feelings throughout the day.
Lunch was cooked up once again by Kelly and her crew of Gail, Linda, Claudette and Jon, and served quickly and efficiently by Leila and her Ngystle group. Everyone was fed, spectators and players, and they are still raving about it.
We had wonderful draw prizes, some provided through the Skidegate Seniors Branch #127 and some donated, some from local businesses and individuals. HOWA.
If you were a winner you were awarded a handmade medal by Delores Davis. These were wooden, printed with black, red and blue, traditional Skidegate colours. Everyone was to receive a medal for their participation but we ran out of time so contact your local seniors group to get your participation medal.
Just before saying goodbye to those busing northward the King, Stan Thomas, of Port Clements and Queen, Nellie Cross of Skidegate, were crowned and the final announcement was made that by one point Queen Charlotte seniors had won the Old Crowe Trophy over Skidegate.
To wrap up we would like to acknowledge our very much appreciated sponsors; Northern Savings Credit Union, Gwaii Trust and the Skidegate Seniors Branch #127, president Bea Harley.
The torch has been passed on to Port Clements as the games continue the rotation through each island community.