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Several outages, several causes

Wind, birds and falling trees caused several separate power outages at both ends of the islands between Feb. 4 and Feb. 6.BC Hydro spokesperson Bob Gammer said the biggest and longest outage was in Queen Charlotte, where a wire went down near 6th Street Thursday night at 7:45 pm. Power wasn't fully restored until just after 12 noon Friday (Feb. 5), he said, affecting more than 600 houses and businesses. That outage was caused by a wind storm, he said.One of the reasons the power was out for so long was that less than an hour after the wire went down in Queen Charlotte, a truck crashed into a pole in Port Clements, Mr. Gammer said."Our crew had to go and respond to that problem," he said, delaying their work in Charlotte.The next night, Friday, a bird flew into the power line in Sandspit, leaving six customers without power from 5 pm until 9:15 am Saturday, Mr. Gammer said.Another outage occurred in Sandspit at 11:30 am Saturday, affecting the entire town. This one, caused by a tree on the line, lasted only 15 minutes. Mr. Gammer said that's because the power was being supplied by the Queen Charlotte Power Corp, which has a small power plant on the west coast of Moresby Island. When the tree hit the line, BC Hydro started up its diesel station in Sandspit to keep the electricity flowing. Service from the Queen Charlotte Power Corporation did not get restored until Sunday afternoon, he said, although customers would not have noticed.On Saturday night (Feb. 6), the lights went out in Port after a tree fell on a line. Mr. Gammer said this outage lasted from 8:20 pm until 11:45 pm, affecting 348 homes and businesses.