SFU student working on Queen Charlotte water

  • Aug. 17, 2009 6:00 a.m.

Submitted by the Village of Queen Charlotte–Simon Fraser University, Department of Geography has a Master of Science Student, Elizabeth Baird, working on her thesis in Queen Charlotte for the next few weeks. Ms Baird will be working in the area of the Honna River Watershed and the main objective of her work here will be to obtain a data set that can be used to investigate the triggers of sediment generated from forest roads in the Honna Watershed and to provide maps showing which sections of the roads provide the most sediment input to the river. A rain simulation experiment will be conducted as part of this research project and it’s hoped the results will help to assess and address concerns that this village has regarding high incidence of turbidity found in our water from time to time. The village hopes to use this information with Island Timber and others, who have contributed significant funds and equipment towards the success of this project. Ministry of Forests and the Accelerate B.C programme have been instrumental in allowing this project to go ahead. It’s hoped this study and others will expand the current understanding of when and how much sediment is produced from forest roads, allowing greatly improved management of these factors in the future.