Shellfish harvesting remains closed

  • Jun. 18, 2013 9:00 a.m.

Most of the islands are still closed for shellfish harvesting. The closure has lasted several months. All of Area 1, the north end of the islands, is completely closed for shellfish harvesting due to the biotoxin closure. All of Area 2 is also closed, except Area 2-1, the small area surrounding Skidegate and Queen Charlotte, which is still open for oysters and scallops but closed for all other bivalve shellfish. “The beach was closed by DFO, we’re somewhat affected,” said Sean Baybutt, operations manager for Haida Wild Seafood (formerly Seapak). Mr. Baybutt said the seafood processing business only processes a small amount of bivalve shellfish, “it’s not insignificant, but it’s not the majority of our business.” Mr. Baybutt said the closure does not seem to be affecting tourist business, as they mostly just process fish. “I think it’s mostly locals more than anything,” he said, because they dig for clams. Up to date information about shellfish closures is available on the Department of Fisheries website.