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Six candidates on the ballot to be the next Tory leader, more could be added

Deadline for inclusion on the ballot arrives on Friday

Conservative leadership candidates have until Friday at 5 p.m. to submit $300,000 worth of registration fees and all the necessary nomination signatures to appear on the party’s final ballot. Here’s a look at who has crossed the finish line, and who is still fundraising.

Scott Aitchison: The rural Ontario MP first elected in 2019 who served as the party’s labour critic before running for the leadership. Since entering the contest, he unveiled a housing policy and promised to scrap supply management. He has also voiced opposition to Quebec’s Bill 21.

Patrick Brown: The mayor of Brampton, Ont., has been holding membership drives across the country, targeting immigrant and other racialized communities.

Roman Baber: The former Progressive Conservative MPP in Ontario who was booted from caucus by Premier Doug Ford over his opposition to COVID-19 lockdowns. He has since sat as an Independent.

Pierre Poilievre: The longtime MP from around Ottawa was the first to enter the race and most recently unveiled policies directed at the Bank of Canada. He has been attracting huge crowds at campaign stops across the country.

Jean Charest: Quebec’s former premier recently unveiled his plan to tackle climate change by scrapping the Liberal government’s consumer carbon price and proposing a cut on the federal portion of the HST for low-carbon purchases.

Leslyn Lewis: The Ontario MP who placed third in the party’s 2020 leadership contest recently announced what she called her ”no hidden agenda” policy on abortion.

Who else might be in:

Marc Dalton: A British Columbia MP running on a platform that includes triggering an inquiry into the federal government’s handling of COVID-19.

Joel Etienne: A former candidate for the party, and lawyer from around Toronto.

Joseph Bourgault: A businessman from rural Saskatchewan who supported the truck convoy that took over downtown Ottawa for weeks earlier this year.

Leona Alleslev: The party’s former deputy leader who joined the Conservatives in 2018 after crossing the floor from the Liberals.

Grant Abraham: A consultant who ran as a candidate in Britain’s 2019 election.

—Stephanie Taylor, The Canadian Press

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