Sixth Seniors’ Games successful

  • Mar. 15, 2010 8:00 p.m.

Submitted by Fran Fowler–The sixth Seniors’ Games came to Queen Charlotte last Saturday. Did you notice some extra gray hairs blowing around or more traffic on or perhaps that finding a seat in the restaurants was difficult? More than a hundred seniors were whooping it up at the hall, you could hear the buzz as you approached!The Charlotte seniors hosted the Islands seniors in a wide variety of activities. Medals were handed out (many by Olivia Favreau, our youngest assistant). To name a few of the gold medalists: Claus (Masset) for Darts; Mary Sheils (Sandspit) for sudoku; Pearle Pearson (Skidegate) Bananagrams; Brian and Fran (Queen Charlotte) for table tennis; Mar-Jan (QC) Dolly and Eve (PC) for cribbage; Whist winners were Dez and Richard (PC); Table boules Emily (Old Massett). Didn’t get your medal? Call Mavis 559-4209.Delicious soup and rolls were served then desserts. Charlotte has excellent cooks. People raved about Kelly and her crew, who made and served the soups, Coweena who baked the rolls and the QC Secondary school students who made our muffins. Then there were the medals, for the dessert category 1st. Dolores 2nd. Miyako, 3rd. Donnette, almost all Charlotte folks. So enthusiastic were the athletes and supporters that the beautiful cake donated by the Delmas Co-op was gone, looked as if the plate had been licked! Volunteers not to be forgotten were our staunch door and ticket sellers, Kris, Gwen, Lois and Doretta.Amidst the regular games, two special events were held. Thanks to Barb and Charlie Mack who set up archery on the field in the blustery wind and rain. Heard there were five bulls eyes by five different seniors! Congrats! The second special event was Dolores Davis’s Jive dance group, complete with Poodle skirts. Lots of life in those folks. Thanks to Delores and the dancers. The hall itself was dressed in five of Sharon Schultz’s amazing quilts.We wanted to reduce our footprint, so we booked a bus to come down island. Fewer people on the road, less accident potential and fuel consumption. Numbers on the bus have been growing but still too much room left, so we arranged bus door prizes-packages from the Village of QC and the Visitor Centre went to the first and last off the bus. Yeah Mary Frick and Donna Mae Russ.To lessen waste, tables were covered with cloths which made for colourful settings. No paper plates or cups either. Fresh flowers from local gardeners were also evident.When we found out that the folks who we were hoping would take on darts couldn’t, we had to come up with something! So we decided to make it fun and still challenging, with recycled Styrofoam insulation, recycled cork and a map of the Islands. We put together a terrific dart board. One point for water, two for land, and up to 15 for community bullseyes! Thanks to George and Donnette, Fran and Dolores.A scavenger hunt was requested, so we put one together for inside. There were many soul searching questions, such as a signature of someone born on the Islands, and someone new to the Islands. One of the best was get the signature of an elected politician, but there was only one current serving one who came in, Stephen Harper. Who knew he was there!Funders-thanks for your support: Nai Kun Power; Gwaii Trust; Northern Savings Credit Union; QCC Seniors and those who came to support us. The Order of the Crowe Community Trophy (aka the Old Crow award) was passed by Stan Atkins of the Masset Seniors to Mavis Mark, QC Seniors 2010 winners.The final event, the passing of the torch to next year’s host Sandspit. The torch was an unlit tea light (small budget, safety concerns).For photos of this year and previous years, look up FACEBOOK, Queen Charlotte Haida Gwaii Seniors (under construction). Join in, add some photos, and spread the word.