Sk’aadgaa Naay welcomes new principal

  • Sep. 17, 2007 9:00 a.m.

There’s lots of changes at Sk’aadgaa Naay Elementary School in Skidegate as the new school year gets underway. To start, the school has a new principal, Vonnie Hutchingson. Ms Hutchingson is a first-time principal after many years in the education field. “It is a huge pleasure for me to come to this school and see kids every day,” she said. “All the staff are excited about this school year and looking forward to forming new partnerships with parents and the communities to get involved in education of the children in the school.” Sk’aadgaa Naay is now the largest school in the district with 172 students. The school is offering a variety of new programs – including a very popular French Immersion class for grades 1-3, Smart Reading, a structured education program for computers and a resource center with a teacher there half-time to help individual students. There are 11 teachers at the school this year and four are new to Sk’aadgaa Naay. There are seven support staff with a bilingual teacher’s aid soon to be hired for the French Immersion Program. “I would characterize the school as being organized so everyone, not just one person, is responsible for support of the kids,” said Ms Hutchingson. The main goal this year for Sk’aadgaa Naay staff is “to help students become more secure socially and emotionally and become happier… which will increased academic success,” Ms Hutchingson said. The school has an agreement with the Skidegate Band Council to put aboriginal education funds closer to the school. These funds will support bringing in academic and social education program specialists.