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Skidegate Masters repeat victory at All-Native Tournament

Inspired by the surprise arrival of a long-time team supporter, the Skidegate Masters roared back to victory Saturday in Prince Rupert's All-Native Tournament, taking the masters' division title for the second time in two years.
The "two-peat" triumph was an incredible win for the team members, who dedicated their tournament performance to the late Joe Wilson, a team player who passed away suddenly in November.
But the team's greatest inspiration was the sudden appearance of Percy Williams, a long-time fan. Mr. Williams didn't think he would make it to the All-Native this year, but when he heard the Masters were in trouble, he flew to Rupert to cheer them on.
The Observer's All-Native reporter Roberta Aiken says that Mr. Williams kept his arrival at the Civic Centre secret, and was ushered into the locker room just before the big game. The energy in the room changed instantly, and the Masters went on to victory.
"It was absolutely incredible," Ms Aiken said.
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