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Some paving next year, says Highways

The Ministry of Transportation and Highways is planning to spend $2-million on the islands next year to re-pave a portion of the highway between Masset and Port Clements.Skeena district operations manager Randy Penner said the plans are tentative at the moment and he won't know for sure if the re-paving can go ahead until budgets are approved in the spring.The district is asking for $2-million this year and $1-million a year for the next few years for the re-paving project. Mr. Penner said he isn't sure how many kilometres of paving that will translate into because that will depend on the cost of materials and oil."It will be a multi-year project," he said. "We will do a 25 mm overlay... and we will go as far as we can."The Ministry has repaved and widened Highway 16 everywhere on the islands except the 50-kilometre stretch between Port and Masset. Local politicians have been lobbying for the past few years for this work to get done, saying the highway is in deplorable condition.