SPCA turns annual walk into a treasure hunt

  • Aug. 27, 2013 1:00 p.m.

submitted by the Haida Gwaii SPCA–The Haida Gwaii SPCA is planning something a little different for their annual “Paws for a Cause” fundraiser in Queen Charlotte this year. We thought instead of just walking from point A to B, it might be fun to turn it into a treasure hunt. “I enjoy putting the course together, coming up with interesting clues and figuring out the details,” says volunteer Anna Maria Husband. The route will be between the Charlotte Community Hall, Spirit Square and the Visitor Centre. Like all good hunts, there will be treasure at the end with prizes for the quickest youth and adult to finish the course and a mystery participant chosen at random. All you need is a minimum pledge of $20 and a digital camera (part of the fun) to participate. Of course the goal is still to raise money for the islands SPCA so there’ll also be a prize for the one who brings in the most pledges. Pledge forms can be found at Charlisle’s or from Dorothy at 559-8439. We’ll also set up a dog agility course in the ball field. Shane Windatt, a certified dog trainer, will be on hand to help those who want to try their hand before or after the treasure hunt. Light refreshments will be available. So put your dog’s superior nose to work (or your own if you don’t have a dog), sharpen up your detective skills and join us for a morning of sleuthing on Sunday Sept. 8. Registration starts at 10:30 am and we plan to be finished by noon. Check out Rachel Cameron’s facebook page and posters for details on the walk in Sandspit.