Spirit of the season alive and well at Tahayghen

  • Dec. 24, 2008 12:00 p.m.

Submitted by Ian Keir, Tahayghen Elementary – Over the month of December, the true nature of the holiday season was evident at Tahayghen Elementary. The Christmas food drive was a resounding success and showed the generosity of the north end communities. Ashley Jacobson, a grade seven student, raised over $200 by decorating a can and asking people for donations. The total she raised is even more impressive because she collected it all in a single weekend. Students Rhiannon Marks, Emily Turner, Mardy Bussiere, and Dora-Lynne Bedard went door to door to get donations of food items. All of this effort and generosity resulted in several hundred items being proudly displayed in the front hall of the school during the Christmas concert.In the picture (L to R): Rhiannon Marks, Emily Turner, Dora-Lynne Bedard, Mardy Bussiere, and Ashley Jacobson