Spirit Square stage a go

  • Dec. 17, 2010 8:00 a.m.

The stage for Spirit Square will be handled in house, said Queen Charlotte’s chief administrative officer Bill Beamish. The village did not receive any bids for building the structure in the town square project, so when another option came along the village decided to explore it. Sean O’Neail, who was working with Colin Greenough to manage the project, has offered to do the work and submitted a budget to council. The council met for a special meeting on Dec. 13 and agreed to engage him. His budget for building the stage is $145,000 including electrical work. He will be subcontracting aspects of the work said Mr. Beamish. Mr. O’Neail is an experienced contractor from Whistler, he said, who has recently moved to the islands. Mr. Beamish told councillors at the regular Dec. 6 meeting that five bid packages had been taken out, but none returned. Mayor Carol Kulesha pointed out at that meeting that if they re-tendered the work, they would have had to go farther afield. “We said we wanted to hire local people,” she said. Councillor Kris Olsen wondered why no one bid. Mr. Beamish said some contractors had issues with the engineered drawings and others with the barrel vault ceiling in the stage. But that was why they held the contractors meeting to ensure people were comfortable with the process. Others said they didn’t have time to do it.