Sport-fishing update

  • Mar. 3, 2003 6:00 p.m.

Submitted by Alex Ross, Chair, QC Sportfish Advisory Board-Electronic Licensing
Electronic licensing for saltwater fishing will be in place for the 2003 season. With so many people having their own computer printer and credit card, this will certainly be a convenience. The internet lisencing website will be available 24 hours, 7 days a week, starting April 1, anywhere in the world that has phone access, at
Licenses can still be purchased as we have in the past, with the local merchants.
The Provincial Government plans to have its hunting and fishing lisences available electronically by April 2004.
Classified Waters
Last year a committee of 12 (6 guides and 6 users) was struck to review and try and improve on the classified waters policy. A discussion paper will be available by the end of March.
Herring Management
A science-based view of herring management is being presented at public meetings throughout the province. Besides providing information it will be an opportunity for public input. The meeting for the Charlottes will be April or May – a specific date is to be announced. For more information call Jake Schweigert (250 756-7203)
Remember when DFO announced just over one year ago, concerns for the preservation of rockfish! At that time some sites were chosen to be set aside for the conservation of these stocks. Funds have now been provided and a team is being set up to work on the program.

Recreational Sport-fishing Season 2003
It looks like the rules, regulations and catch limits will be the same as last year. Predictions are the fishing should be as good or better than the last couple of years. If so, we can expect to have a successful season once again!
Next Queen Charlotte Sport-fishing Advisory Board Meeting
Monday, March 17th, 7 pm, DFO office, Queen Charlotte.
These are public meetings. If you have concerns and/or interest, we encourage you to attend.