Spring cleaning on your mind? Hire a student!

Odds 'n' Sods by Elaine Nyeholt: Spring time is clean-up time.

  • Apr. 1, 2016 6:00 p.m.

Spring time is clean-up time.  Clean the house and gutters, clean the yard and ditches—oh yeah, and the greenhouse too. Perhaps it’s time to take down that old dog house, or shed and clean away the debris!  So, the Landfill hours are useful to be know:

– Monday to Friday 11am-3pm &

– The first Saturday of the month 11am – 3pm.

There are students around who are willing to do yard work during spring break, if you watch for posters around town you will get their info.

The closing of the Credit Unions on Saturdays is seriously inconvenient to the working people who live outside of the major communities.  As of March 21st the Credit Unions will be open on Mondays (which is not useful to working people) and closed on Saturdays.  How is an 8-5’r supposed to get any banking done.

We understand that there are many things that can be processed on-line, but with NO ATM and no service on Saturdays, or Statuary holidays, what is the benefit to banking on-Island?  The Mission Statement of the Credit Union ‘used to’ say that their purpose is to provide service to the members… they must have changed it.  Okay, I am ranting again.  Sorry, a little bit.  The staff are happy, but that’s all.

There will be a Village Council Meeting on Monday the 21st at 7pm.

Another Canadian Firearms Safety Course will begin on March 21st.  This course is needed to buy or handle any firearms in B.C.  Phone Ron Haralson to register – 250 557-4255.


School is out for Spring Break and Easter from March 18th-28th.  Watch out for children biking, roller blading or just being children…even more diligently please, during this period.

The Annual Rec Commission Easter Egg Activities and Hunt is on at the Community Park on March 26th from 10:30am to 11:30am.  The Teen Youth group, sponsored by Conch and Ryan are eager to flesh out this Easter Celebration, so we will see what they come up with for fun.

‘It’s a Spring Thing’ is the name of the Flea Market at the Port Clements Community Hall, on Saturday, March 26th from 11am-4pm.  The Grade 7 Class is fund raising with the lunch counter, and will appreciate your support.  Tables are to be booked by March 22nd.

The Gwaii Tel AGM on Saturday the 26th of March in the Council Chambers, from 6pm-9, will help if you are wondering what’s going on there.

The Book Club meets for literary discussion on the 28th of March from 7-9pm in the Sr. Room.  This is a lively group of readers to join in with.

There is a Movie Night for the youngsters on April 1st at 7pm.  The name of the movie is “Hotel Transylvania 2”, watch for the posters around town.  The children always know what is playing, and at least one child usually will tell us what is going to happen during the movie!  I often ponder- why is it that they remember TV and Movies so well, but they cannot find their coat?

Old Massett is hosting the Seniors All-Island-Winter-Games, in the gym, on April 9th. They are requesting a donation to the Food Bank for our registration, which strikes me as a great idea.  We all have a little we can share!  Games and Lunch will be from 9 until 2pm and the Loonie Auction and Awards will be from 2-4pm.  More help is needed, please call Chris (250-626-7517).  You do not have to be a Senior Citizens Group member to attend, you only need to be 50 years old!

A Happy Birthday goes out to Ann Mintenko in April.

I wish you all a Happy Easter.  We will be back refreshed and eager to proceed with the gardening season in April.