Stanley Lake has recreation potential, resident says

  • Sep. 19, 2008 6:00 p.m.

by Heather Ramsay-Will the public have recreational access to Stanley Lake once it is part of the Village of Queen Charlotte’s water system? Duncan White attended the Sept. 15 council meeting and brought up his concerns about plans for the pretty lake west of the community. Stanley Lake is one piece of the $4 million surface water system that will turn the lake into a reservoir for water supplied by the Honna River. Mr. White has been aware of the recreational potential of the lake area for approximately 30 years and at present uses the road system that leads there as a running trail. “There are opportunities now that there is easy access,” he said. He told council that small boats could get onto the lake and he later told the Observer that he’s seen plans on file at the Ministry of Forests for trails and a wheelchair accessible dock on the lake. Village administrator Andrew Yeates said while work is underway, a temporary gate has been erected, but no decisions have been made for the area once the weir system is complete. “The intention is not to lock the public out of the spot,” he said. Mr. White was also curious at how high the water level would be dammed around the lake as he was concerned the lakeshore would be impacted. Mr. Yeates said the exact design of the control structure is not yet determined, but they don’t intend to make the lake higher than the high water mark. Then the retained water can be released during low flow periods on the river. On Sept. 19, Mr. White took the Observer to look at the Stanley Lake area. The road runs up the west side of the Honna River valley and he pointed out another lake, known as Small Lake, which has a short trail to it. Much of the area along the road was logged at 15 or 20 years ago, but recent logging has taken place on steep slopes on the east side of the river. The Observer asked the Ministry of Forests about the recreation plan that Mr. White described and was told that no formal plan has ever been endorsed or supported. Brian Eccles, who was recreation officer at the time said that a private group put in a trail in the area at the time in order to stave off logging plans. Mr. Yeates gave a further update on the water system at the Sept. 15 meeting. He said the intake on the Honna River is now in place and construction of the pipeline is underway. He expects to have the tender packages for the twinning of the treatment plant out by October.