Stocking up for a Tlellian spring

Tlellagraph by Elizabeth Condrotte: The post office is a lonely place in February.

  • Feb. 23, 2016 7:00 p.m.

The post office is a lonely place in February. The Crows Nest is having its annual closure for the month of February and the Ravens Roost has left Tlell. Unless it’s someone picking up a parcel, Bari doesn’t see anyone at all since most people just check their boxes and don’t go to the wicket. Hey, Tlellians, how about stopping to say hi even if you don’t have Canada Post business to do.

Tlellians who don’t work in one of the more urban communities really miss being able to get groceries here, especially when we have run out of something just when we need it. Sure we can still get coffee and gifts at Sitka Studio and everything our animals need at Ranch Feeds, but where are my special chocolate bars? I think Anne and Jason take a well-deserved holiday not just because they need it, but also to remind us how much we need them.

If you support various organizations more in spirit and when needed rather than with actual regular attendance at meetings, this is the one month to get involved. It’s Annual General Meeting time. Today is the Port/Tlell Seniors AGM and next Thursday is the AGM for GIECFI. I know you read this last week but a gentle reminder is always in order. The Early Learning Forum, which is also an annual event, is happening on February 17th. You could contact your school for more details.

Andrea was off to Toronto last week for her annual trip to one of her favourite trade shows. Her finds will soon be appearing in Funk It for you to discover and enjoy. Dutes returned to Canada from his visit with April in France but now he is making his own annual trip to Arizona for gems and other items to add to his stock in Crystal Cabin. Adrienne is holding down the fort for him until he returns.

Lots of spring things are starting to appear in our local stores and when in need to get a gift or buy a necessary item, I hope we are all checking our local suppliers first.

Online shopping has gotten much more expensive for anything from the States and Amazon will never get my business again with their exorbitant shipping fees to the islands. So our local businesses are now looking pretty good price-wise as well as for convenience.

Farm work is ramping up now that spring is so close and I have a new woofer to help me with all of it. His name is Levan and he comes from Thunder Bay, which is still in the middle of winter. This climate is a nice contrast for him. He already has an island connection with a friend who is taking Indigenous Studies in the semester program at the Kaay Center. I think he likes it here and I’m sure he’ll be making more friends soon.