Students working on film about racism

  • Mar. 14, 2005 4:00 p.m.

By Mariah McCooey-A group of students from George M. Dawson secondary school in Masset is working on a documentary that will shine some light on the issue of racial tension on the islands.
The film project, which started in January, is currently in the filming process, and is part of a bigger anti-racism project being organized by the Missing Link society.
The group of five students is interviewing Masset residents on the topic of racism, and has found an interesting split among the people they are talking to.
“Some people think there’s no racism at all,” said GMD student and participant Kiefer Collison, “and others think it’s a big problem. We are learning different points of view.”
Last week, they had a special workshop with a documentary maker from the Gulf Islands Film and Television School, and they will begin the editing process soon.
Missing Link’s Kim Davidson is one of the organizers of the project, and he thinks it has been a success so far.
“It’s great to see the students learning positive ways of expressing themselves,” he said. “They’re pretty excited – it’s nice to see something like this, where they’re able to learn transferable skills.”
The documentary will be about 20 minutes long, said Mr. Collison, and they are going to show it on MHTV as well as sending it off to the CBC. There is also a potential film festival on the horizon – keep your eyes peeled for more information.