Summer forestry camp upcoming

  • Aug. 2, 2004 8:00 a.m.

Submitted by Kim Davidson–The Faculty of Forestry at UBC is offering its second annual summer forestry camp for First Nations youth August 23 to 29. This year’s camp is a collaborative initiative between the Faculty of Forestry, Agriculture and Sciences as well as the BCIT Renewable Resources Program.
It’s aimed at demystifying natural resource professions and demonstrating how math and science taught in high school is relevant in the practice of forestry. Twenty-five First Nations youth in grades 8 and 9 will participate. With the help of faculty members, First Nations forestry alumni, students and local First Nations community members, students will be introduced to the study of natural resources at the UBC.
The final two stages will be held at Zajac Ranch on Stave Lake, and the University’s Malcolm Knapp Research Forest in Maple Ridge. Here students will participate in activities to expose them to the practical uses of math and science in forest management. An integral part of all activities will be exercises involving developing skills in teamwork and leadership.
The only cost will be transportation to and from Vancouver for the participant. The camp is open to Haida students between the ages of 12-15 years.
For more info, contact Kim Davidson, 626-3159 or Zane Young, 604 822-1334 or