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Summer schedule over for ferries

As summer draws to a close, the ferry service has started to switch to its fall and winter schedule.After deploying six-day a week service throughout July and August, BC Ferries will move to a five-sailing schedule for the first week of September, with the normal three-sailing per week schedule taking effect Sept. 13.There's been no change to the normal winter schedule, with the ferry set to leave Skidegate on Monday mornings at 11 am, Tuesday mornings at 9 am, and Thursday nights just before midnight. The ferry leaves Prince Rupert on Sunday and Monday nights at 11 pm, and Thursdays at 2:30 pm.Islanders should take note of a slight change for sailings leaving Rupert only on Sept. 15, 23 and 29. On these nights the ferry will depart at 9 pm instead of 11 pm.The larger Northern Expedition ferry takes over the Skidegate-Prince Rupert route from the Northern Adventure on Sept. 26. The Northern Adventure will be coming back in late January when the Northern Expedition goes off for a refit.Of course, as always, the ferry schedule depends on the weather, and sailings will be delayed or cancelled when there are adverse conditions.