Survivor Haida Gwaii coming

  • Aug. 1, 2005 12:00 p.m.

Get out those torches and headbands: Survivor is coming to the islands. Ok, so maybe there won’t be the TV cameras along with it, but really, what better place to hold a series of immunity challenges than North Beach? Maybe the chilly North Pacific is not conducive to the standard reality-show skimpy attire, but that’s not stopping Old Massett’s Harmony Williams from organizing a Survivor day right here on Haida Gwaii.
The second annual event will take place on Saturday, August 13. Beginning at 11 am, teams of two will go through a series of challenges, and the first team to finish achieves ‘immunity,’ the last team to finish, of course, gets kicked off the island (although they won’t actually have to get on the Queen of Prince Rupert). Of course, all the challenges remain “top secret” until the 13th.
The inaugural event, last year, was “awesome,” said Ms Williams. The idea evolved from an initiative to get parents more involved in their kids’ lives. The teams of two must consist of two relatives, one of them younger than 18, and one older than 19, although they do not have to be a parent/child configuration. Ms William said they have eight teams signed up for this year, and she expects more before the deadline.
The winner, at the end of the day, takes home a $500 prize; but every participant gets a prize, as well as a t-shirt.
One of the highlights last year was a coconut contest. The pairs were chained together, and the key to their leg-cuffs was put in a coconut and buried in the sand. Contestants had to follow a trail to the spot, and then dig them up.
“We ended up having to unchain some of them,” said Ms Williams, “because the coconuts kept sinking deeper into the sand!” Last year’s event started at 4 in the afternoon, and went until 4 in the morning, she said, which is why they are starting earlier this year. Over 100 spectators attended, she said, and she expects more this year. The Rediscovery Camp will be having a concession at the site. However, contestants are not allowed to eat during the course of the event.