Swim Club kids are still training, despite loss of pool

  • Mar. 4, 2009 4:00 p.m.

By Alex Rawlings-Even out of water, the swim club just keeps on kicking. The pool may be dried up but the Masset Eagles Swim Club certainly isn’t. Since the August closure of the islands’ only public pool, the club’s members have been engaged in dry training. “We have some limitations obviously, and the training might not be in the water, but it is working to keep the kids active,” said swim club president Denise Collison. The group of 23 kids, aged 8-14, has been attending the training once a week. Dry training consists of jogging, weight training and strengthening yoga exercises – not as exciting as swimming, perhaps, but the swimmers want to do anything they can to stay in condition for off-island meets. “Considering the situation, we are doing what we can,” said trainer Julia Brobbel. “It is a different form of training, but the kids have been great.” The weekly sessions take place in Masset on Wednesday and Port Clements on Thursday, with trainers Julia Brobbel and Kristin McGeachy . “We are looking at about four to five meets this year in Rupert and Kitimat,” Ms Brobbel . “The children wishing to attend these meets and camps have to attend the dry training.” Karen Church, a parent who helped organize the dry training sessions, said “it is a total bummer that we have to dry train, but it is still a well attended group.” Ms Brobbel said islanders and other swim clubs have been understanding of the unique situation. “We are just doing what we can to keep the kids fit, and so far the feedback at meets has been very positive,” she said. “We found the public pools in Rupert and other places to be really helpful and understanding, and the island community has been so supportive during the past few months.” The swim club is always accepting newcomers. Call Denise Collison for more info 250-626-3668.