Taan Forest and BC Timber Sales working together

  • Sep. 10, 2010 6:00 a.m.

The Haida Nation’s Taan Forest Ltd. and BC Timber Sales have agreed to jointly plan and manage over 270,000 hectares of working forests on Haida Gwaii, Forests Minister Pat Bell and Bob Brash, president of Taan Forest announced last week. “This partnership increases employment, value-added opportunities and improves operating conditions on Haida Gwaii,” Mr. Bell said. “By working together, we’ve established a continuous fibre supply, created efficiencies in planning, administration and infrastructure maintenance and increased the community involvement in managing the land.” The cooperative management agreement the parties signed is consistent with the Haida Gwaii Strategic Land use Agreement and provides the framework for joint planning, safety and forest management certification, the Ministry of Forests said in a press release. Under the agreement, sustainable forestry practices will be used to maximize local employment, and ensure data is generated for market pricing. “In the very near future, it is envisioned that Taan Forest will have the largest cut on Haida Gwaii,” Mr. Brash said. “Finding operational efficiencies through business partnerships with BCTS, the communities and other licencees makes sense. In today’s tough economic climate for the forest industry, it is critical all parties leverage any opportunity for efficiencies through economies of scale, coordinated planning and more consistent long-term employment opportunities.” The agreement also lays the groundwork to achieve Forest Stewardship Council Sustainable Forest Management Certification for the cooperative area.