Taan Forestry tour a success

  • Aug. 29, 2013 2:00 p.m.

Twenty people attended a day-long tour of Taan’s forestry operations on Haida Gwaii Aug. 16, says Taan advisor Bill Dumont. The tour started in both Skidegate and Old Massett, with the two groups meeting at the Golden Spruce Trail before touring recent logging and reforestation areas. The group had lunch on the Yakoun River and ended the day at the Ferguson Bay dryland sort with special awards for the best questions. The purpose of the tour is outreach, said Mr. Dumont, as the tour gives information to the public about the ecology of the area, the process of harvesting with regards to the land use plan and how cultural features are protected. Taan is one of the largest coastal companies with FSC certification, he explained, which requires the company to pass tough audits and annual reviews. “I thought the tour was great,” said Keith Moore, former chair of BC’s Forest Practices Board. “It gave me and visitors a chance to see first-hand what Taan is doing on the ground and to discuss issues with Taan staff and directors. I commend Taan for organising and I suggest it be done more frequently to encourage more islanders to participate. It was a very worthwhile day.” Also joining the tour were filmmakers Josh Granger and Maxine Trump, who recently completed a documentary called “MusicWood.” Musicwood, also known as tonewood, is found in both Sitka spruce and western red cedar and is used for guitars and pianos. Taan is working on a new project to locally produce the highly valued specialty wood for instrument manufacturers, said Mr. Dumont. ” In making MusicWood, I have seen a number of logging environments, and I can honestly say that what I saw on this tour was remarkable,” Ms Trump said. “How a forest can be logged in such a sustainable manner, with not only FSC certification, but to even higher Haida principles, was an incredible sight to see. Logging can be done in a way that protects the land for the people and the wildlife and provide jobs. After seeing devastating logging practices in our film, seeing the Taan forest logging gave us immense hope.”