Taanu wins clan b-ball tournament

  • Jan. 16, 2009 6:00 a.m.

Taanu beat Ts’aahl in an overtime thriller during the annual clan tournament in Skidegate on the weekend. Three northern clans and five southern clans battled it out in the all-ages basketball tournament spread over three days. By Saturday night, three teams had come out on top: Taanu, Ts’aahl and Skedans. Ts’aahl clan member Jason Alsop says it’s a good weekend to get to know who is in your clan. The game is played as usual, but regular teams like the Skidegate Intermediate Saints split up and go to play with their kin. Mr. Alsop says the event allows some who don’t normally play, or who used to play, to get in the game and represent their clans. Players ranged from 10 years old and up, he said. Not only is there a diverse range of players, but there are a lot more fans too, says Mr. Alsop. “Starting Thursday night at 5 pm, the parking lot was full all weekend,” he said. He says around $7,000 was raised at the tournament which will help get the Skidegate Seniors and the Intermediates to the All-Native tournament in Prince Rupert in a few weeks. This year was the first time a dance was organized after the game too. “The weekend keeps growing,” he said.