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Tahayghen oil spill more costly than first thought

The Tahayghen oil spill is going to cost the school district much more than expected, trustees were told at their meeting last week in Port Clements (Jan. 24).
Secretary-treasurer Andrea deBucy said she had expected most of the clean-up costs would be covered by a school insurance program. But last week, that program denied the district's claim on a technicality, she said. The claim was rejected because the oil leak was slow rather than sudden.
"The real issue is, we do have to clean up the Tahayghen site and it could be very expensive," Ms deBucy said. "Pick a number."
Ms deBucy also told trustees that she will get a second opinion from the insurance program about the claim.
The underground oil leak at Tahayghen school in Masset was discovered two years ago. The district removed an oil tank and 12 loads of soil shortly after that, and has been monitoring oil levels in the area since. The initial clean-up and monitoring has already cost the district close to $100,000.