Tahayghen, Sk’aadgaa Naay ranked by Fraser Institute

  • May. 15, 2006 1:00 p.m.

Vancouver’s Fraser Institute has just released a report on the province’s elementary schools which ranks Tahayghen elementary at number 902 out of 1,009 schools, and Sk’aadgaa Naay at number 911.
The rankings are based on results from last year’s Foundation Skills Assessment tests, which check how well grade 4 and 7 students are doing in reading, writing and math.
Tahayghen did slightly better this year than last year, earning an overall rating of 3.9 out of 10, compared to 3.5 in 2004, and showing a clear improvement in grade 4 reading scores.
However, 24-percent of the Tahayghen test results were rated as “below expectations” by the Ministry of Education, and Tahayghen had one of the province’s highest numbers of tests not written, at almost 36-percent.
Sk’aadgaa Naay received an overall rating of 3.8 out of 10 after three years of comparatively high scores (5.7 in 2004, 6.0 in 2003 and 6.7 in 2002). At this school, 28-percent of test results were rated as below expectations, compared to the provincial average of 15-percent.
The Fraser Institute’s report cautions that results can fluctuate, especially for schools with low student numbers. According to the report, there were 19 grade 4 students enrolled at Tahayghen last year, and 18 at Sk’aadgaa Naay.
The other elementary schools on the islands were not included in the report because they have less than 15 students in grades 4 and 7.