Tavern Theatre in Queen Charlotte Tuesday

  • Mar. 11, 2009 9:00 a.m.

An evening of storytelling, music and grub earned its moniker, Tavern Theatre, when John Thomas and Donna Duffy lived in Homer, Alaska. “The majority of places where you can perform are taverns and saloons,” Mr. Thomas said. So after a few shows mixing stories with a bit of theatrics, the name stuck, he said. Mr. Thomas and Ms Duffy are now offering the experience to islanders on Tuesday March 17 at Queen B’s in Queen Charlotte. The stories are all written by him and are interwoven with music provided by Ms Duffy and Wendy Watts. Mr. Thomas, who is a great radio drama fan, says the audience will get a taste of that genre throughout the night. “It’s very intimate,” he says, “Like sitting in a living room.” As it’s St. Patrick’s Day, the dinner will include Irish Stew, salad, soda bread and a surprise dessert. The format, he says, is quite alluring and goes like this: dinner first at 6:30 pm, then the show starts at 7:30 pm. After the first half (including a selection of seafaring songs), dessert is served, and the show continues for another 30 minutes. The Crabapple Creek Jug Band will entertain folks after the storytelling is done too. There is limited seating available, so call Queen B’s for tickets asap. The show, including dinner and dessert, runs for $30 and funds raised will go to the Edge of the World Music Festival.