Team to negotiate end of protest in Vancouver

  • Apr. 18, 2005 3:00 p.m.

A negotiation team made up of elected and hereditary leaders has left the islands for Vancouver where they will be meeting with provincial representatives, said Council of the Haida Nation spokesperson Irene Mills Monday afternoon (April 18).
The team includes Haida Nation president Guujaaw and vice-president Arnie Bellis, as well as Port Clements mayor Dale Lore, she said.
The two sides are trying to negotiate an end to the protest, which began March 22 and has stopped more than 100 people from working in Weyerhaeuser’s TFL on the islands.
There is no deadline for the talks, Ms Mills said.
Meanwhile, the Honna and Yakoun lines, which were taken down Friday (April 15) out of respect for several funerals over the weekend, will remain “soft” while negotiations continue. That means people can cross freely, and protesters won’t be stopping or checking anyone. However, protesters do remain at both sites, Ms Mills said, continuing to enjoy the company and good food.
The CHN received 12 permit applications from local small businesses like Abfam and Slarktooth to cross the lines, and these applications have now been approved, Ms Mills added. The approvals have allowed 65 people to work behind the lines in areas like engineering, wind firming, salvage and falling.