Telus repair crew here as labour dispute continues

  • Aug. 15, 2005 12:00 p.m.

A crew of Telus managers arrived on the islands Monday to fix a backlog of broken telephones.
The phones had been in repair limbo due to job action by Telus’s unionized workers, which started about a month ago.
Mary Kellie, who owns Spruce Point Bed and Breakfast in Queen Charlotte, was without phone service for more than two days at the height of the tourist season.
Ms Kellie didn’t know when her phone would be repaired when she spoke to the Observer on Friday (Aug. 12).
“No one can phone us to reserve a room,” she said. “Potentially that could cost us thousands and thousands of dollars.”
Ms Kellie said she started calling Telus about a week before her phone went completely dead, because it was crackling and disconnecting.
She was finally able to get her Spruce Point number rerouted to another number, after calling Telus between 15 and 20 times.
Bruce Okabe, Telus vice-president of business solutions, said the company continues to provide customer service, and that a team will visit the Charlottes every two weeks if there are problems.
“We’ve got a crew there today,” he said Monday. “They will stay there for as long as it takes.”
Meanwhile, the two sides in the labour dispute are not talking to each other, and it looks like the job action could continue for quite a while. Mr. Okabe said Telus has made an offer, but the union has not taken that offer to its members.