Ten-digit dialing starts soon

  • Aug. 29, 2008 10:00 a.m.

With the introduction of ten-digit dialing and the end of recorded reminders weeks away, most B.C. and Alberta residents have already made the switch.Recently, 96-percent of local calls were made using 10 digits. It’s possible the remaining calls were made by auto-dialers, computers, fax machines and speed dials that have not been re-programmed. Those will no longer be connected once ten-digit dialing is fully implemented between September 8 and 12. Customers are reminded that if they have not yet re-programmed all their phone equipment, now is the time to do it.To meet growing demand for phone numbers, new area codes are being added to B.C. and Alberta – 778 in B.C.’s current 250 area code region and 587 across Alberta. A second area code means that people must dial 10 digits for local calls, adding the area code.The reminder period ends soon, and mandatory 10-digit dialing will be phased in between September 8 and 12.For more information on the changeover to 10-digit dialing, please visit www.dial10.ca.