Terminated administrator may sue village

  • Oct. 26, 2009 10:00 a.m.

Eunice Ludlow, the former chief administrative officer for Queen Charlotte, may sue the village over her termination, but is taking this week to decide. Ms Ludlow’s employment was ended October 20 by council vote. “I have people backing and forthing with (legal action) at the moment,” Ms Ludlow said Monday. “I really do have a bit of a dichotomy. Part of me says I really should smack her hard for doing things so badly. The other part says that in the end, it is the people that put her there who will have to remove her.” Ms Ludlow was referring to Mayor Carol Kulesha. She says the mayor micro-managed the administrator’s work and doesn’t understand the distinction between an administrator and an elected official. “The mayor has been the chief administrative officer since the time she was on the management committee and she has never realized that her role has changed,” Ms Ludlow said. “The mayor is trying to micromanage me, if it wasn’t me it would be whoever else came in.” “It’s a shame because with her knowledge and my training, we should have been a dynamite team,” Ms Ludlow said. Ms Ludlow says she will be weighing very carefully the possibility of taking legal action, and expects to decide this week.”The village isn’t in any position to defend the kind of action that would be taken against them. It would be monumental,” she said. The village will pay Ms Ludlow just over $47,000 following the termination. As well, there are her moving expenses, expected to be about $12,000. Any settlement with Ms Ludlow would be in addition to these amounts. As well, the village is already running up a bill by seeking legal advice on the termination. Issues between the village and Ms Ludlow also include a disagreement over paying moving expenses. Ms. Ludlow says the village offered to pay those expenses before she accepted the job, and then balked when the estimates came in higher than expected.Ms Ludlow says she’s staying in town for the time being because she likes it here. “I have to decide what I’m going to do,” she said.