TFL 39 divided

  • Feb. 26, 2010 5:00 p.m.

Tree Farm Licence 39 is no more, at least on Haida Gwaii. TFL 39 had a high profile for many years as the largest forest tenure on the islands, covering about 25 percent of Graham Island. Technically, the section here was known as “block 6”, with the entire TFL covering portions of northern Vancouver Island as well. But On Jan. 15, the Minister of Forests made block 6 into a separate tree farm licence, now known as TFL 60. Spokesperson Vivian Thomas said the minister made the change after receiving a request from TFL owner Western Forest Products. “Under the provisions of the Forest Act, the minister must amend the TFL and create a new one if the tenure holder requests it; however the minister may refused the request if he think forest management may be compromised,” Ms Thomas explained. The change means the annual allowable cut can be determined separately for TFL 60, she said. It will also “help the company with more focused management of the TFL following the completion of the strategic land use planning process on Haida Gwaii,” she said. “Additionally, since it’s now a separate TFL, it will be easier to transfer to another interested party.” That other interested party could be the Council of the Haida Nation. Both the CHN and Western Forest Products have said in the past that they are talking about a sale.