The outrageous sunshine experiment continues!

  • Sep. 22, 2008 5:00 a.m.

By Rosie Quigley-I am having so much fun with this sunshine experiment. How about you? When people walk by our home in Port, they have been yelling out, “Thanks Rosie for the sunshine!” It’s not me creating these sunny days, it’s our collective energy burst each time one of us says, “I am so excited that September and October are mostly sunny. Yes, yes, yes!” And each time one of us celebrates or gives thanks for the sunshine, that’s another energy burst.We have been learning that it’s all about energy. Our thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all energy that we are putting out on our boomerangs. Remember, what we send out, we get back. When we send out complaining energy, we get back more of what we don’t want. This morning as I am writing this article (it’s Friday morning), the skies are grey. Instead of focusing on the grey skies, I have been planning the next several articles for the sunshine experiment and thinking how can I make this experiment even juicier, or more fun.Last time my husband and I were in Queen Charlotte, I commented about how green the blackberries were and questioned would they ever ripen this year. He humorously reminded me I was the creator of the sunshine experiment and where was my positive thinking. It’s great when the people closest to you remind you of who you really are. So I’ve decided to refocus our efforts for the next couple of weeks. We have done an awesome job creating more sunshine. Now let’s see if we can create deliciously sweet blackberries for Thanksgiving.Our new desire statement is “I am so excited that the blackberries will be deliciously sweet for Thanksgiving. Yes, yes, yes!” Spend time each morning thinking about sunshine ripening those berries and how delicious they will taste on Thanksgiving. And at bed we will continue to give thanks for the sunshine that has happened this month, the great memories we have created, the harvest we have collected and for the fact that the blackberries will be perfect for Thanksgiving.How did you make out last week with giving and receiving? Were you able to open yourself to receiving more? Were you able to give more freely? What did you notice happening in your life as you said, “Yes, Thank you!” Did more good flow into your life?Since I have started this Sunshine Experiment amazing things have been happening to me. I believe it’s a result of focusing on the positive instead of complaining about what is. I am leaving on Sept. 29 for two month stay on Salt Spring Island. I am going for some dental surgery and then to work with a holistic practitioner. This may not seem like a big deal to many of you, but for me it is. This will be my first trip off-island in almost 12 years. Up until now, I have been too ill to travel off-island. Sending out positive bursts of energy, I have found the sweetest little cottage to stay in, an awesome health practitioner and dentist to work with and I am so excited about the blessings that are waiting for me. The details of this trip have just fallen into place. I am picturing a beautiful calm sailing to Prince Rupert and then on to Port Hardy. I am expecting great things! And most importantly, I am picturing myself returning strong and healthy, full of abundant energy to do the things I love.I’ve decided to go outrageous with this sunshine experiment! This week I invite you to get creative. Get out a bar of soap, draw a happy sun on your kitchen window and then write these words, “Ask and ye shall receive.” Each time you see this reminder, stop, ask yourself, “How does this make me feel?” Do you notice a shift in your energy? Do you notice a shift in your body? Do you break out into a smile or feel energized? We are learning about shifting our energy towards what we want to create instead of focusing on what is. This is the perfect reminder for all of us to focus on sunshine till the end of October. Each time you see this reminder, send out a burst of energy, “Yes, those blackberries are ripening! Thank you, thank you!” Then see those blackberries deliciously sweet for Thanksgiving.I will continue writing about the sunshine experiment from Salt Spring Island till the end of October. I have some more fun ideas for the upcoming weeks. Since I won’t be here for the weather report, I’d love to hear from you. And let me know about the happy sunny faces you see on the windows throughout the island. Imagine how fun it would be if the on-island businesses joined with us! Let’s give ourselves permission to be outrageous, to have some fun and to picture the sun shining for the month of October. Remember, we are practicing, “Expect great things!”I know I am having fun! How about you? Won’t you join me and let’s see what we can create. I look forward to hearing from you at