The Tlellagraph

  • Aug. 16, 2010 12:00 p.m.

By Elizabeth Condrotte–Another missed column last week! Sorry, dear readers, but it was the music festival. What more can I say. Those of you who were there know what I mean and those who weren’t missed a great festival, I think our best ever! Of course the outhouses were wonderful (congratulations to Andrea at Laughing Moon for winning the coveted Ron Rowan trophy), and the green team kept the grounds litter-free while almost $1200 was raised for the food bank. As those were my areas of responsibility, I feel pretty good about all that but not about missing my column. I’ll try to do two in a row to make up for it.A number of former Tlellians were back for Fall Fair or Music Festival and a couple of them were here for their birthdays. Ayla Brown and Owen Morrison were here from Edmonton for the music fest and Ayla did some amazing hair styles. Check out her mom, Su-San at the library. Sara Friesen also came with her twins for music fest and a too-short visit. They have all gone back home but some are still here. Mark Sheils came home from Wells for the music fest and to move out of his trailer so that Lao and Andrea can move in. They have leased to purchase the piece of land that Lao grew up on and now Simone can grow up there too. Mark celebrated his birthday with family and friends last Sunday. Also celebrating a birthday this weekend is, Jack Armstrong, who is here with his wife Lin. They’ve been here since Fall Fair and with this weather, may not go back any time soon.As lovely as it is to see our friends come to visit, it’s always sad to see them go. So it is with Jill Potter whose maternity leave is over so she and baby Seth are headed back to the Yukon and a return to her teaching job in Whitehorse. Other Tlellians have left for short trips off island, among them, Tao and Lao Peerless who are doing some brother bonding. They had planned on going to the Bob Inn reunion but that was cancelled due to the forest fires, causing the Inn to be evacuated. Hope they got to visit the folks if not the place. Kess and Darcy Condrotte came to stay with their grandmother Margaret for both Fall Fair and Music Fest and have gone back home to Vancouver Island on the ferry with my honorary Tlellian brother, Al. He’s meeting Marion in Rupert and they will take a short holiday before she has to head back to her new job as secretary of the Port school. O yes, back to school. There are barely two weeks left of summer. Although I’m retired from actual school work, I’ll still be thinking about education as the school board has its meeting at the end of August.This column seems heavily weighted to the goings-on in my little world so if you have had guests, trips or parties, let me know and next week can be all about you. Enjoy the dog days of August as they will soon be gone.