The welcome return of Sandspit’s Shingle

Sandspit's Shingle by Gaetano: Hard to believe its 2016 - how did you spend your New Year’s Eve?

  • Jan. 21, 2016 12:00 p.m.

Hard to believe its 2016 – how did you spend your New Year’s Eve? With family & friends at home or at the Inn!   Twas pretty quiet in the wee hours of New Year’s Day heading home from babysitting grandkids -— Sandspit was definitely sleeping.  Felt spooky though with no street lights!  Colourful  festive Xmas lights along the Front, in and around Christina Place and up to BC Tel Corner helped brighten up the night sky. Will we ever get our street lights back?

If you’re a night owl and looking to pass ‘the time of night’ then explore the night skies with your cell phone or tablet through two of my favourite apps: Skyview & Star Tracker. Both are  free and both open the window to space, galaxies and beyond!  During the week I tracked both the International Space Station and the Hubble Telescope as they were passing overhead. I found the ram constellation, the bull, the twins, the lion, the virgin and the scales plus other planets in our solar system, maybe ET is out there?

Technology today is both exciting and frustrating. In Charlotte yesterday I tracked down Ted to find out what’s going on with our BC Tel Corner Cell Tower?  Sandspit had excellent coverage up until the upgrading was done on the tower late last year (weird saying that) but now our service is so crappy.   It appears technology is not at fault, but rather humans! The scheduled upgrading now provides excellent cell coverage to the west coast and down into the park, a great safety feature for the fisherpersons, outdoors enthusiasts, et cetera, but sadly excellent cell coverage is not the case in and around Sandspit or for those up in Miller Creek and other areas across the Bay. When one can’t phone out from their home, or, worse have to stand on the shores of Shingle Bay to get cell service, it’s definitely an issue for business, our young families, our seniors, our workers and the rest of the community.

Calling for help is the major concern for all.  Complaints seem to have fallen on deaf ears. In my visit with Ted he confirmed he’s received complaints but because the project was contractor generated Ted is unable to act, other than to encourage us to beef up our complaints – the ‘squeaky wheel’ scenario. Other suggestions are to definitely phone or email Telus directly or if you have an iPhone, lodge your complaint directly onto the free Telus Network Experience App.

Once logged in, your complaint is automatically registered. These actions could make the difference!  Unfortunately other service provider phones are not compatible.

As a last resort take your concerns to our local government Regional District representatives the Moresby Island Management Committee. The up-and-coming MIMC’s meeting is scheduled Tuesday, Jan. 19. Hope to see you there!

Longer days and balmy January weather has brought out local Sandspit’s Walking Club members enjoying ‘walking the spit’ or’ hitting the pavement’ in and around Sandspit.  Warm, weather-proof clothing and good walking shoes are a must, along with a friendly smile and wave. Drivers beware, pedestrians beware – we share the road so be mindful and be safe. If you have your four legged loved one enjoying the walk don’t forget the leash and the ‘doggy’ bag.  Check this off as another successful New Year resolution.

Besides walking, is golfing on your New Year resolution list?

More good news thanks to the community of Sandspit and newly incorporated non-profit Sandspit Golf Course Society. The Willows 2016 Golfing Season is in ‘full swing’.   We welcome all island golfers. 

Memberships and Day Pass booklets are available from Supervalu seven days a week at reasonable rates, GST inclusive.

Note: Day Passes provide unlimited golfing. All membership can be purchased at Supervalu, open 7 days a week.



Writing fees this week for Sandspit’s Shingle donated to the Sandspit Salmon Enhancement Society.