A man holds a fish at Shingle Bay. (Photo courtesy Bill Rieger)

A man holds a fish at Shingle Bay. (Photo courtesy Bill Rieger)

Third weekend of the Sandspits 68th Coho Derby starts

Skidegate angler walks away with top spot in week two

The second weekend of the Sandspits 68th Coho Derby saw low numbers, but more names on the board — and a fish that had some good weight muscling its way to the top spot.

Twelve fish, for the second weekend, were low for the total number weighed in, but saw the number one spot (and weekend winner) taken over with a 13 lbs 14oz caught by an angler from Skidegate right on the low tide at Cooper River, a quick walk away from the Coho Shack. We also saw a local youngster take the Cheechako spot with an awesome 9 lbs 5 oz beauty on the rising tide by canoe out front of The Willows Golf course. Weather was fine on Saturday with Sunday’s south eastern breeze blowing hard in the afternoon making it a bit difficult to cast a line, but some fortunate anglers were able to catch a few on the Shingle Bay side.

The first and second weekends have gone past with many-a-story of great humans and anglers that have left a hole in hearts. From organizer Jim Henry himself to derby lover, Art “Lip Ripper” Wagenstien, our memories of them are what keep them still “casting lines” towards our hearts to remember them by.

Best wishes go to Shain Olsen, a great human, angler and derby contestant himself, as family and friends hope for an expeditious return to the islands and a speedy recovery so he may “set the hook“ on many fish to come!

Some fishing rods were found after the first weekend. So, if you’re missing one make a post to Facebooks Sandspit Peeps page. Results for the weekend also have been posted online at Facebook Sandspit Peeps group page and at Super Value.

Remember, if you haven’t already, get a ticket (must be purchase day before derby date from Super Value or Charlisles), grab that favourite lure from your local shop — and don’t forget that fishing license online — and see if you can get “bragging” about the big fish weighed in!

Weigh in times Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. at The Coho Shack in Copper Bay.

Tight lines to all anglers the out there!!