Three cheers for Jordyn!

  • Apr. 3, 2013 2:00 p.m.

submitted by Joni Fraser–Last week, I sent you an email with photos of the kids at Home of Good Hope receiving a Coaching Soccer for Dummies book. Well, the little girl who made that possible is Jordyn Zarry. Today, I wanted to send you a photo of Jordyn Zarry who is 6 and lives in Sandspit. Jordyn just had her birthday and told all the kids who came to her party not to bring presents, but to bring a donation of money. With that money, she has paid for the “Coaching Soccer for Dummies” book that was pictured in the email last week. The money is also paying for the other soccer book that will soon arrive at Home of Good Hope in Africa. It is called “Soccer for Dummies”. Thanks to Jordyn’s generosity, the kids at Home of Good Hope will have a lot of fun practising their new soccer skills using those books. I am so totally amazed by Jordyn’s kindness and generosity at such a young age. She has been doing these charitable acts since her fourth birthday, when she started asking her party guests to make a donation instead of bringing presents. With the money raised for her fourth birthday, she went through a program called Plan Canada and bought some chickens for various people and purchased a mango tree for a school. She also bought art supplies for children in Haiti after the devastating earthquake. For her fifth birthday, she donated all the money to support children who have juvenile diabetes. This year, she chose to donate to the children at Home of Good Hope by purchasing two soccer books for them! Isn’t that wonderful! Three cheers for Jordyn!