Tips for avoiding a chimney fire

  • Dec. 18, 2009 8:00 a.m.

The wood burning season is well underway, and we thought it timely to offer a few tips on preventing chimney fires and what to do if you have one.. burn seasoned fire only. Wood that is less than a year or two old has a higher moisture content, which can condense into creosote in the chimney.. burn your fire hot. Keep the damper open at least half or three-quarters. Don’t put too much wood in the stove. Stoking the stove tightly results in a cooler fire, and leads to more creosote build-up. A smaller, hotter fire is better.. Have your chimney inspected and cleaned regularly. In Masset, the fire department will do this for you. . Don’t burn cardboard boxes and wrapping paper, etc. Both can send large flaming chunks up the chimney, causing a fire if there’s creosote present.If you do have a chimney fire, throwing a bucket of water into the stove and closing the door can help put it out. The water turns to steam and goes up the chimney, helping put the fire out, and closing the door means oxygen will be in short supply, also helping. Call the fire department right away to make sure.Fire department phone numbers:Masset: 626-5111Port: 557-4355Skidegate: 559-8300Queen Charlotte 559-4488Sandspit 637-2222Other areas 1-800-461-9911Thanks to Ryan Fillmore, chief, Masset Volunteer Fire Department for the above tips.