Tlell arson investigated

  • May. 28, 2004 5:00 a.m.

Queen Charlotte RCMP have a suspect under investigation after an arson incident in Tlell.
On Wednesday May 26, someone lit a small fire in the school bus shelter at Richardson Road and Wiggins Road, according to Cst. Paul Glanville.
A passerby noticed smoke coming from the shelter and put the fire out. The shelter sustained minor damage, said Cst. Glanville.
Tlell fire chief Terry Mitchell was alerted and is also investigating. He found two sheets of charred and folded paper stuffed behind some wooden boards, which he believes were used to start the fire.
The forest was extremely dry that week, and the small blaze could have easily touched off a forest fire, Mr. Mitchell said.
Meanwhile, the Tlell fire department has already been called out this season to extinguish a campfire which got out of control. It was on the beach just south of the fire hall.
“It was lucky, because most of the members were at the fire hall for the Farmers Institute meeting, so they had a quick response,” said Mr. Mitchell. “Those beach fires are particularly tough to put out because the wood is so big and the rocks hold the heat.”
It took volunteer firefighters two hours to put the fire out. Mr. Mitchell reminds islanders that beach fires should only be lit below the high tide line.