Tlell Fall Fair results

  • Aug. 8, 2003 7:00 p.m.

Submitted by Sandra Price for the Fall Fair committee-The Tlell Fall Fair 2003 winners in the various classes and popular votes are admiring their ribbons and prizes. Here are their names.
Livestock: 1st – Jamie Richardson, 2nd – Don Richardson, 3rd – Ian Benoit.
Poultry: 1st – Adolf Bitterlich, 2nd – Jamie Richardson, 3rd – Ralph Leach.
Fruits: 1st – Mark Bristol, 2nd – Bob Crooks, 3rd – Fran Fowler.
Vegetables: 1st – Mark Bristol, 2nd – Elaine Nyeholt, 3rd – Ralph Leach.
Garden Flowers: 1st – Linda Berston, 2nd – Elsie Weintraub, 3rd – Donna-Lee Larocque.
House Plants: 1st – Elsie Weintraub, 2nd – Mark Bristol, 3rd – Doug Louis.
Farm Produce: 1st – Bob Crooks, 2nd – Doug Louis, 3rd – Ralph Leach.
Canning: 1st – Ronald Tranter, 2nd – Carissa Sparkes, 3rd – Lynda Osborne.
Home Baking: 1st – Carol Andrews, 2nd – Sue Lyster, 3rd – Dwight Brainerd.
Knitting & Crocheting: 1st – Yvonne Hageman, 2nd – Flo Perdue, 3rd – Denise Legare.
Needlework: 1st – Nora McLuskie, 2nd – Sandra Price, 3rd – Brenda Murry.
Arts & Crafts: 1st – Fran Fowler, 2nd – Carissa Sparkes, 3rd – Lynn Lee.
Children’s: 1st – Ayanna Rhindress, 2nd – Sarah Dutheil, 3rd – Kelsey Pelton.
Youth: 1st – Norma Louis, 2nd – Eddie Ronnenkamp, 3rd – Cody Berge.
Master Gardener (most points in the four gardening categories): Mark Bristol.
Winners in the following special categories were chosen by popular vote.
Pullet-zer Prize: Ralph Leach.
Donna Willey Memorial (best rooster): Adolf Bitterlich.
Costume: Isabella Decock (fish; chosen by judges).
Veggie Sculpture: adult – Doug Louis (pagoda); youth – Norma Louis (dog), children’s – Ayanna Rhindress (seated old man).
Decorated Cake: Karen Ronnenkamp (fisherman).
Flower Arrangement: Kris Leach (glass bowl on stand).
Gumboot Craft Challenge: Monica To (old woman in a shoe).
Booth: Quilting Divas.
Thanks go to all 86 persons who entered exhibits. Watch the classifieds for an itemized thank-you to all who donated cash, gifts and time to the fair. The ad will appear after the fair president, Sirita Waring, returns from a well-deserved family holiday.