Totem to Totem Marathon a big success

  • Jul. 25, 2014 10:00 a.m.

Submitted article–The Totem to Totem marathon, half marathon, 10km – and walk to breakfast – took place Saturday. After some rain and chilly days, the weather on race day could not have been better with the slight overcast and mild temperatures.This year’s participants came from Australia, New York and Arizona, in addition to runners from Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, BC and, of course Haida Gwaii.The men’s marathon had an international component this year with Geoff Homma from Australia winning with a time of 3:11:59 while Chris Taylor from New York finished second at 3:38:21. Dennis Straussfogel from Prince George rounded out the top three with a time of 3:55:18. James Thompson, from Masset, who ran his first marathon last year was back in the field. James got a new personal best taking an amazing 22 minutes and 54 seconds off last year’s time to finish in 4:24:59.A new course record was set in the women’s marathon, with Juliana Tobon of Toronto completing the 42.2 km in 3:28:47. Erin Barclay, last year’s winner, came in second at 3:31:35, while Heidi Mok, also from Toronto, celebrated her birthday by coming in third with a time of 3:34:34.The half-marathon was fast. Steven Ptucha from Richmond repeated as the winner in the men’s, bettering his time from last year by more than five minutes, coming in at 1:21:58. On the women’s side, Susan Gelinas, also from Richmond and last year’s third place finisher, knocked just over 10 minutes off her time from last year, finishing in 1:39:53. James Hiebert, a new arrival to Masset came second in the men’s event at 1:32:45, while Ryan Staschuck from Prince Rupert was third at 1:33:36. Jackie Taylor from Queen Charlotte came second in the women’s event (1:41:16). There was a tie for third as Emma Payne and Sarah Williams from Prince Rupert came across the line together at 1:46:40. Catherine Birtwistle of Queen Charlotte improved on her 2013 time by 6 minutes and 15 seconds, coming in this year with a time of 2:02:25.The 10 km run had the biggest turn out yet with 41 participants, up from just 14 last year. The women’s field had 29 participants. Julie Iverson of Vancouver repeated as the winner in the women’s 10 Km run with a time of 50:32, while Merlyn Roberts of North Vancouver won the men’s event with a time of 44:33. Caroline Parnell, from Skidegate, came second in the women’s 10 km. Richard Gomes of Prince George, a last minute entrant, came second at 47:25 with Matthew Cotu-Moya coming third (49:20). Grace Cowan of Salmon Arm, a returnee to Totem to Totem, took third.There were many new local participants in the 10 km – which is what it’s all about. Several of the returning runners got personal bests, including Melissa Edgars of Skidegate who took more than 12 minutes off last year’s time, and Larissa Howlett of Queen Charlotte who improved upon last year’s time by more than 5 minutes. The 10 km event also had its eldest participant with Jim McKinnon of Minden, Ontario, aged 70, completing the run in 54:25, coming in with Colin McKay of Richmond.The 10 km run filled out the Totem to Totem event bringing the total number of runners finishing to 79. Another dozen registrants didn’t make it to the start line, meaning the total number of participants this year just tipped over 90. There’s still room to grow as the organizers hope to get more than 100 people running.The T2T organizers and runners thank all the volunteers. This year the volunteers at the water stations added to the event by making a special effort to decorate the stations. Thanks as well to the cyclists and drivers and the photographers. This year the volunteers at the water stations added to the event by making a special effort to decorate the stations. Thanks as well to the cyclists and drivers and the photographers. Congratulations to the runners and to everyone who helped make this year’s event a success. The Totem to Totem Marathon, Half-Marathon and 10 km race will take place on July 18, 2015 – start training!Totem to Totem 2014 ResultsMarathon Men Name City Finishing Time1 Geoffrey Homma Australia 3:11:592 Chris Taylor Brooklyn 3:28:213 Dennis Straussfogel Prince George 3:55:184 Don Raymer Souris, Man. 4:14:285 James Thompson Old Massett 4:24:59Women Name City Finishing Time1 Juliana Tobon Toronto 3:28:472 Erin Barclay Chilliwack 3:31:353 Heidi Mok Toronto 3:34:344 Alyson Thibodeau Toronto 3:48:115 Brianna Meyer Powell River 3:56:466 Suzanne Leblanc Terrace 4:07:487 Vicky Elsom Vancouver 4:09:098 Christine Buchel Winnipeg 4:31:02 David Seymour Vancouver DNF Phillip Sheppard Smithers DNSHalf Marathon Men Name City Finishing Time1 Stephen Ptucha Richmond 1:21:582 James Hiebert Massett 1:32:453 Ryan Staschuk Prince Rupert 1:33:364 Ryan Barber 1:44:035 John Surtees Nanaimo 1:55:446 Ben Davidson Skidegate 1:56:047 Sebastien Abba Montreal 2:14:258 Les Dillabaugh Prince George 2:16:169 Michael McMillan Prince George 2:16:3310 Fergus Wilson Queen Charlotte 2:18:1011 Leslie Anthony Whistler 2:37:00Women Name City Finishing Time1 Susan Gelinas Richmond 1:39:532 Jackie Taylor Queen Charlotte 1:41:163 Sarah Williams Prince Rupert 1:46:404 Emma Payne Prince Rupert 1:46:405 Helen McMillan Prince George 1:55:566 Cora Parnell Prince Rupert 2:01:377 Catherine Birtwistle Queen Charlotte 2:02:258 Heather Brule Queen Charlotte 2:08:259 Christine Dillabaugh Prince George 2:12:5610 Eden Hiett Phoenix 2:13:2711 Akane Wada Vancouver 2:20:5312 Faye Laidlaw Queen Charlotte 2:24:5413 Carrie Vanderhoop Massett 2:27:3014 Michelle Stephen Prince George 2:31:47 Kristen Bailey Langley DNS Jacquelyn Cannon Phoenix DNS Sylvia Erwin North Vancouver DNS Kirsten Hitchcock West Kelowna DNS Marc Hrehirchek Prince Rupert DNS Em McCormick Victoria DNS Ashley Smith Vancouver DNS Jamie Wessel Prince Rupert DNSDNS – “Did Not Start” 10 Km Run to the Rock Men Name City Finishing Time1 Merlyn Roberts North Vancouver 44:33 2 Richard Gomes Prince George 47:25 3 Matthew Coutu-Moya Summerland 49:20 4 Sean Moraes Prince Rupert 51:235 Colin McKay Richmond 54:256 Jim McKinnon Minden, Ont 54:257 Mike Reid Terrace 57:128 Mike Creed Vancouver 59:019 Bernie Howlett Queen Charlotte 59:1810 Doug Burles Kamloops 1:02:0411 Stephen Tollas Skidegate 1:10:4712 Robert Davidson Masset/White Rock 1:14:37Women Name City Finishing Time1 Julie Iverson Vancouver 50:32 2 Caroline Parnell Skidegate 52:08 3 Grace Cowen Salmon Arm 52:14 4 Ayla Pearson Queen Charlotte 52:445 Megan Reid Terrace 53:126 Vicki Ives Queen Charlotte 53:467 Larissa Howlett Queen Charlotte 54:088 Chelsea Badger Sandspit 55:249 Kelly Miller Queen Charlotte 55:5810 Rosanna Shepherd Victoria 58:1211 Teleza Shafooli Terrace 58:2012 Joanna Brunsden Sandspit 59:4613 Brenna Woodburn Sandspit 1:01:3814 Asta Kovanen Whistler 1:04:1615 Shari Howlett Queen Charlotte 1:04:5116 Faye Burles Kamloops 1:05:3317 Tracy Moraes Prince Rupert 1:08:2718 Jennifer Kelley North Vancouver 1:10:3919 Carole Ives Queen Charlotte 1:11:1520 Melissa Edgars Skidegate 1:14:0521 Terri-Lynn Davidson Skidegate/White Rock 1:14:3722 Leaha Broome Terrace 1:16:2723 Monica Jones Queen Charlotte 1:16:3324 Tammi McNeil Victoria 1:16:4225 Tawni Davidson Skidegate 1:18:0526 Nikki Humpherville Prince Rupert 1:31:1727 Amanda Murphy Queen Charlotte 1:33:4228 Kate Vermeer Queen Charlotte 1:33:4229 Starnita Nyce Gitwinksihlkw 1:56:1130 Lori Nyce Gitwinksihlkw 1:56:36 Ashley Crosby Skidegate DNF Juanita Mayfield Kamloops DNS Tony McCormick Victoria DNS Jaydn Paquette DNS