Tourism association considers merger

  • Feb. 13, 2004 7:00 p.m.

The Haida Gwaii Tourism Association is going to decide next month if it will merge with the QCI Chamber of Commerce.
“A lot of people are getting tired of running from meeting to meeting,” HGTA president Urs Thomas said, noting that there are several people who are members of both organizations. As well, the tourism association has been having trouble attracting members to meetings. At a meeting in January, for example, only two people showed up, although more than ten turned out to the Feb. 12 meeting in Port.
“This is very unusual that all these people are showing up. We have been going month to month without anybody showing up, and that’s where we come up with the idea of merging,” Cacilia Honisch said.
Not everyone thought merging was a good idea. “If you are going to merge, you are going to lose your identity. I just think we really need to consider everything,” said Delina Myles, adding “I don’t think you mean merge, I think you mean streamline,” alluding to the possibility of sharing office space or secretarial help with the chamber.
Brian O’Hara suggested a wait and see approach. “I think we should wait and see where the heritage tourism (group) is going to go,” he said.
The tourism association plans to discuss the proposed merger further at its annual meeting in Port March 7.