Tourist season shaping up well

  • Jul. 5, 2004 3:00 p.m.

It’s looking like a good tourist season, according to the Visitor Info Centres in Sandspit, Queen Charlotte, and Masset.
“Things are really picking up,” said Ryan Thorgeirson at the Masset Centre. He said that the majority of people seem to be coming for the hiking and camping, and apparently everyone wants to go crabbing on North Beach.
What’s the best question he’s been asked so far this year? A few favourites are, “Where can I find a wild octopus?” and “What’s the elevation of Masset?”
Numbers at the Queen Charlotte Info Centre were up as well, with 1,796 tourists in June, up from 1,580 in June last year.
Meri Burles at the Sandspit Visitor Info Centre said there was a shocking 3,775 tourists who drifted through there in June alone. Although she didn’t have the stats for last year, she said that she’s “100-percent sure that it’s more than last year.”
“They’re all very excited to be here,” she said. The best tourist question she’s got so far is “How many people live in Sand Pit?”