Tow Hill farmers’ market delights

  • Aug. 3, 2009 7:00 p.m.

By Judy McKinley–It’s a warm summer day. There’s a soothing sound of friendly chatter, and tables are laden with goodies. Fresh-baked focaccina alla rosemarino. Organic kale. Hand-carved chopsticks. Artisan-crafted jewelry. Smatterings of haute couture.A chi-chi corner of Granville Island? No, our very own Farmers’ Market on Tow Hill Road. Across from the Trout House restaurant, it runs Saturdays from 11 am – 1 pm for the rest of the summer.Okay, so it wasn’t that warm. And the haute couture items are pre-loved. But where else could you score a leather skirt for $3? Where else would a local kid bake peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies sans oeuf? Oui, I added the French, but eggless cookies aren’t on your average pre-teen list of culinary achievements.It used to be a burden to end the week on Fridays, to wait two long days until I could work again. Now, I look forward to Saturdays. Every week the offerings are different. A week ago, there were delectable chocolate balls decorated with tiny florets. This week there were three types of fresh fat lettuce, chives, dill. Last week a dive suit, and an inverter were snagged at a steal, must-have items for any Haida Gwaii household at bargain basement prices. But no fisticuffs ensued. It’s a friendly atmosphere.It’s a win-win-win scenario. Vendors set up for free. Buyers find intriguing offerings each week. And neighbours get to know each other just a little better. Can you think of anything better than three kids pouring your (organic) coffee – three, for the cups, sugar and milk – on the lazy days of summer? Challenge yourself. Bring your wares and see if you can break even by the time you relaxedly (that may not be a word) roll home.