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Trick, no treat in Masset

A five-year-old boy in Masset came home with a trick instead of a treat after going out on Hallowe'en this year, and his family is looking for answers about what happened.Leanne Seifert says her two boys were enjoying their piles of treats after braving the rain and wind Oct. 31. Her younger son bit into a Nutrigrain granola bar, and made an expression of disgust."He said, ew, it smells like gas," Ms Seifert said. "I smelled it, and it did."Ms Seifert had been helping her children check the treats and open them, and she had noticed that the Nutrigrain package looked "kind of squished", but there was nothing else unusual about it.She immediately took the bar away from her son and sealed it in a plastic bag. The next day, she took it to police."It seems random, it seems alarming, and I'd like to know what happened," Ms Seifert said. "Someone tried to feed my son diesel."At the Masset RCMP office, Cpl. Andrew Baylis said police are still looking into the incident, but they did determine that the granola bar had been soaked in diesel or gas.Police have not heard of any other incidents like this one happening this year, Cpl. Baylis said. If anyone has any information about it, they should contact the detachment at 626-3991.