Two writers coming here this summer, more to follow

  • Jul. 14, 2010 3:00 p.m.

Book lovers, en garde. The Arts Council is bringing a bushel of famous Canadian writers to the islands this year and we’d love to get people reading in advance. We’ve enlisted the Vancouver Island Regional Library branches to help bring in books by the following authors (in order of appearance on the islands): Michael Turner, Betsy Trumpener, George Bowering, Marilyn Bowering (no relation), plus two other exciting prospects that we will announce later on. The first two author visits are coming up, so get reader ready: Michael Turner, who grew up at the cannery in Port Edward and writes unique fiction and poetry, including the much-vaunted Hard Rock Logo, which was turned into a film, reads on July 30 at a big night out at Howler’s in Queen Charlotte and Aug. 1 in Tlell (at the fall fair). Betsy Trumpener, CBC news reporter and flash fiction writer, also appears July 30 at Howler’s in Queen Charlotte and Aug. 7 in Tlell (at the Edge of the World). George Bowering, first poet laureate of Canada, prolific novelist and swashbuckling historian will be here for a week around Sept. 17 and will do two readings, dates and locations to be announced. Marilyn Bowering, accomplished poet, novelist and playright will be here in April 2011, dates and location to be announced. Two other literary greats will be announced in the coming weeks. So keep your eyes out for details and come down to your library branch to request various works by these creative Canadians. If you have any books by these authors in your home libraries, please share them around. Anyone interested in discussing certain books or authors before their arrival on the islands can contact Heather at 250-559-0093.