Union members rally for communities

  • Dec. 19, 2003 4:00 p.m.

Submitted by David McGregor- The sun peeked through and the rain let up at bit on Saturday Dec. 13 when a small group of local union members rallied at the ferry terminal in Skidegate to show their support for communities on the islands. After realising that not many people were getting the message there, the group headed to City Centre, attached a sign a vehicle and waved as vehicles slowed down to see what the rally was about. The sign, which was not standing up to the weather very well, said ‘Unions Support Communities’.
“We just wanted to let people know that unions do more than just cause conflict and strikes. Our goal it is to create a safe supportive workplace everywhere for everyone, union and non-union”, group member David McGregor said
“It’s unfortunate that when a group of people stand by the side of the road, holding a sign, people assume they are a picket line” he said, “We just wanted to show our communities, that as union members, we consider themselves to be in solidarity with the communities we live in. After all, it’s our home”.
While the group was not large, it was enthusiastic. Despite the rain and wind which got stronger during the gathering, the group waved and handed out flyers summarised by the line “We are what you are and we all are stronger together.”
There was a jar at the site, in which various members stuffed money, and over the short course of an hour had raised just over $114 for the food bank. There are plans to have more public rallies in the near future.